Untitled Diary Film (2016)


Experimental diary film shot on Super 8mm film

Music used: Sweet Valley - COSMIC DESIGN

Orange Sacrifice (2016)


A time-lapse transformed into a short film.


Made for class in VCUarts Photo/Film program

Spaghetti Western (2012)



A spoof on old westerns created by Italian directors.



Instructional (2016)




Made during Art Foundation 

Time Studio course at VCUarts

Footage from various employee training videos from the 90's


Kingdom of the Seedless (2012)

A short abstract film I worked on with my brother.

Charcoal Animation (2016)

Made during Art Foundation

Time Studio course at VCUarts


(This video has a lot of low frequency sounds that you might not hear with laptop or iPhone speakers.)

Sound by:
Addie Johnson

Animation by:
Will Barker

SIC - MJ (2015)


Music Video for SIC

Directed by: The Cliniq LLC

Shot and Edited by Will Barker

S.I.C. ~ Short Documentary (2016)



Made as a final project for Surface Research at VCUarts

The Cliniq LLC

KG - I Just Wanna Be (2013)


Music video for a local artist.

Shot by Will Barker

Edited by Rex Arrow @Rexarrowfilms

Lysergic (2014)

A short film made during my first year of film school. The story of a young man who doesn't know what to make of a psychedelic experience.

4-HO-DALT (2013)


Dream sequence for directing class at film school. An experiment with editing software and shooting techniques.

Burning Past (2013)


Conflict sequence for directing class. A man's internal conflict of dealing with the grief of a broken heart.

Working Title (2013)

A feature I and a few friends shot during the summer of 2012 about a young amateur film maker. First feature I have written, shot, edited, etc.

A Stranger Tree (2012)

A short video about the dangers of Christmas spirit.


A Stranger Call (2012)

A short video about an unexpected phone call.

VA State Yo-yo Contest 2012

This is an edit of the 2012 Virginia State Yo-yo Contest, held at the Children's Museum of Richmond.